We develop cutting-edge AI solutions at scale for enterprise use-case like
Vision Analytics Forecasting & Prediction Anomaly Detection Face Recognition Generative AI

Stream AI

Our cutting-edge Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence driven solutions help you interpret, analyze and predict the data collected & stored from your business, helping you take proactive actions thereby increasing your revenue and cutting costs.

Forecasting Engine

Our state-of-the-art Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Engine can predict future behavior of KPIs based on the pattern in historical data helping businesses prepare, adapt and take proactive actions thereby cutting down costs & increasing revenue of their operations.

Energy AI

Our self-learning Energy AI Engine studies the energy consumption behavior of commercial/office buildings, data centers, and other infrastructures and controls the Heating & Ventilation equipment to efficiently reduce energy consumption and cost while ensuring maximum comfort.

Anomaly Detection

Our Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence solutions identify outliers and unusual behavior in data collected through various equipment, hardware, servers, and any other sources helping you identify data points that require root cause analysis. Our solutions help you monitor and trigger alarms if any unusual behavior or patterns are detected in the data collected, helping you cut down the cost & time of manual analysis of data.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

We build Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence engines that learn the trends & patterns from historical data of equipment, sensors, and data from various sources that can prevent and predict any major faults before they occur in your systems. Predictive & Preventive maintenance using our cutting-edge engines can avoid unexpected downtime and the cost associated with it.

Recommender Systems

Our Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence engines learn the behavior & patterns of users and consumers, allowing you to understand them better, target them with the right products & services and help you increase user engagement with personalized user recommendations.

Generative AI

Our Generative AI services at Deepnet Labs go beyond language processing, encompassing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Generation capabilities. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques, we specialize in processing large volumes of unstructured text and image data. From customer feedback to social media posts, our services include sentiment analysis, text classification, language translation, entity recognition, and image generation through state-of-the-art diffusion models. By leveraging proprietary GPT and open-source models and training custom large language models, our goal is to empower clients with comprehensive insights from diverse data sources. Whether deciphering textual nuances or generating captivating visuals, we aim to enhance customer experiences and drive informed business decisions.

Vision AI

Our solutions leverage the power of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret videos, converting them into actionable data for a wide array of use cases.

Face Recognition

Protect your applications, products, and premises with our cutting-edge Face Recognition technology. Our Face Recognition solutions give you complete access & control of the data collected and stored. Our unique approach does not store any human interpretable format of faces creating a privacy-focused solution.

Object Detection & Action Recognition

Leverage our state-of-the-art Vision AI to detect custom objects for a wide array of use cases such as in manufacturing & assembly lines to detect defects and automate your quality control and inspection process. Our Action Recognition solutions monitor manual processes improving manufacturing efficiency and giving you a complete insight into your assembly lines thereby reducing product defects & recalls.

Optical Character Recognition

Use our cutting-edge AI solution to convert image & video data into textual data for a variety of use cases. Our OCR solution accurately detects text, recognizes the text, and extracts meaningful information for your specific use case.

Safety & Security

Reform your existing cameras into smart surveillance solutions with our Video Analytics technology. Monitor areas in real-time by creating a virtual fence, and detect & track people or objects to create a safe and secure space.

People & Vehicle Tracking

Convert your existing cameras into AI-enabled solutions to extract actionable data such as footfall, visitor demographics, and heatmaps to help understand the utilization of your space. Our Vision AI engine can also accurately recognize vehicles and their license plates helping you make your parking space smarter.

Ethical & Explainable AI

We build AI solutions with a keen focus on privacy & the principles of ethical AI giving you complete control of the data we collect & store. Our AI solutions can also give you the underlying explanation of the functioning of the AI, helping you understand why a specific prediction occurred.

Our AI engines can be deployed on your premises or any major cloud provider thereby giving you complete control of your data.

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